Dog Project

'Joy' in a small package. Paris'Red Dog''Waiting for my real owner'Nelson & Co.Nelson & RaffaeleI was framed!'Rudy' the standard poodleAt the outdoor ice rink'Family''How is this fair?'Keeping guardMcCleery Street, FremantleWray Avenue, Fremantle'Cara' on ANZAC Day in FremantleANZAC Day Parade, FremantleANZAC Day Parade, Fremantle'Mischka' at ANZAC Day Parade, FremantleMoores & Moores, FremantleCappuccino Strip, FremantleMan and his dog, South Beach, Fremantle'The Serenity', High Street, Fremantle'The Grumpy Sailor, High Street, FremantleAt 'Il Cibo', FremantleFremantle, Western AustraliaCottesloe Beach, Perth Rue Montorgueil, Le Marais, ParisFremantle, Western AustraliaFremantle, Western AustraliaSheung Wan, Hong KongMong Kok, Hong Kong'Mitzie', Central Park, New YorkSheung Wan, Hong KongFremantle, Western Australia'Mitzie', Central Park, New YorkWray Avenue, Fremantle'Mitzie', Central Park, New YorkWilliam Street Festival, Northbridge, PerthPont de l'Archevêché, St Michel, ParisMong Kok, Hong KongStanley, Hong KongSoHo, New YorkRiver Seine, ParisJardin des Tuileries, ParisFremantle, Western AustraliaSacre Couer, Montmarte, ParisFremantle, Western AustraliaSt Michel, ParisWilliam Street Festival, Northbridge, PerthSheung Wan, Hong KongPont de l'Archevêché, St Michel, ParisPont de l'Archevêché, St Michel, Paris